Maria and Carlos sign up for their IDC. The Course Director, Mika completes the orientation with the pair and then leaves Master Instructor François to complete the rest of the program.

Maria asks about the standards of teaching the program this way and François informs her that he is allowed to complete the balance of the program Under The Direction Of Mika.

Later in the program, Carlos has a question that François is unable to answer and says he refer to Mika when he available.

When Carlos asks where Mika is he is informed that Mika has taken a short break away from their location and will be back after the Instructor Exams are complete to begin Specialty Instructor seminars.

Is François correct in using the Supervision rating Under The Direction Of while teaching Maria and Carlos’ IDC?

"François is correct in the respect that an Instructor Development Course Staff Instructor may conduct the program Under The Direction Of the Course Director. Mika has to personally conduct the Orientation section of the program also, which he did.

The problem lies with their interpretation of Under The Direction Of level of Supervision during the IDC. Mika must be present for consultation somewhere on the premises. If he has taken a break away from the location this cannot be the case."

Gaz Lyden.