Marlon is signing up for the PADI Open Water Diver course with a local dive centre near their home. During the orientation to the program their Instructor, Dory shows them all the required paperwork including the Liability Release/Assumption of Risk, Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding and the Medical Statement and explains what they mean and how to complete them.

After completing the medical Dory sees that Marlon has answered yes to Diabetes.

Dory informs the student that they must go to the doctor to get clearance prior to in-water training to which Marlon agrees.

At their next session, Marlon presents Dory with a completed RSTC Medical Statement which indicates that the doctor has cleared student for diving activity. It also lists some stipulations for the program; such as ensuring that Marlon takes additional blood glucose readings, should only dive in shallow, calm conditions and that they should only complete a maximum of two open water diver per day.

Dory thanks Marlon for visiting the doctor to get their clearance but says that with these additional conditions from the physician, she is unsure of whether she can accept it.

Is she correct?

Take a moment to gather your resources and think like an Instructor. Once you feel you’ve got an answer search below for Gaz’s views on this scenario.

‘When Marlon signed yes to Diabetes, Dory is absolutely correct in asking him to visit the doctor for clearance and even though he got the physicians ok for the course the listed stipulations are an issue.

Dory is correct in questioning the medical statement, even though it has been cleared by a physician. If we reference the PADI Instructor Manual – Paperwork and Administrative Procedures – Documentation – Diving Fitness, we can see that it indicates that a yes must get clearance from a physician prior to inwater activities but must have no additional restriction or conditions attached to that clearance.

Since the physician has listed three such restrictions and conditions to the medical clearance they have provided to Marlon, Dory is correct in her hesitation and must explain to Marlon that the clearance isn’t valid’

Gaz Lyden.