Sisters Arianna and Meagan are on holiday and are looking for something to experience together while they are away. Their friend suggests scuba diving as they both enjoy being in the water so they search for a local dive centre to go and see what is available.

Once they arrive at the centre they meet the manager, Celeste. Their first question to Celeste is to ask what their options for experiencing diving would be as Meagan is blind.

Celeste suggests the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience to begin with and mentions they have an Instructor on-staff who is certified as a PADI Adaptive Techniques Instructor who would be perfect for the job.

After a short conversation discussing the requirements of the DSD experience program and how it will be conducted the sisters sign up and meet their Instructor, Marley.

After completing the required paperwork, Marley goes through the DSD flipchart using tactile cues and other objects for Meagan to feel to describe the key concepts for the experience.

She then decides to have the sisters don the BCD’s and go through a dry run of the skills and the optional open water dive prior to getting on the boat to reinforce the visual and tactile signalling that will be used during the experience.

After everyone feels comfortable she asks the sisters to complete the review required for the DSD and reads the questions to Meagan and then marks her response and then verifies it has been correctly marked with Arianna.

Once everything has been completed they travel to a shallow dive site close by. Marley helps both the sisters enter the water and swims them to a shallow area to complete the required skills.

She uses the same visual and tactile signals she had introduced at the dive centre and both the sisters complete the skills without hesitation.

Marley then takes the sisters on a dive to a sandy area with corals off to the side. She maintains physical contact with Meagan throughout on Meagan’s right side whilst keeping a visual reference of Arianna to her left.

Are Celeste and Marley offering good customer experience while using the standards as intended and taking the sisters safety into consideration?

Take a moment to gather your resources and think like an Instructor. Once you feel you’ve got an answer search below for Gaz’s views on this scenario.

‘Balancing out the three S’s – Safety, Standards and Satisfaction is an indicator of a great dive leader and the experience that Marley and Celeste have offered to the sisters is a great example of this.

From the initial interaction with Celeste to the completion of the DSD experience, all three elements were taken into consideration.

Listening to the sisters and then matching them up with the right experience and the right Instructor made sure they had a great experience that was safe and used the PADI system of education perfectly.

Marley’s Adaptive Support Instructor training is also a great example of how diving can be a vehicle of endless growth and development as a professional and how that can have a positive effect on others.’

Gaz Lyden.