Instructor Frankie has two PADI Divemaster Candidates –DMC’s- Benny and Oscar for the day from her dive centre and has been assigned to complete Practical Skill 5 – Deep Dive Scenario by her Dive Ops Manager, Ollie.

This is Frankie’s first time at conducting this part of the PADI Divemaster program so goes to her PADI Instructor Manual to make sure she conducts all of the performance requirements.

Feeling comfortable with her ability to conduct the scenario and having previous diving experience with both Benny and Oscar she decides to draw on her own experience when completing this part of her Divemaster with her Instructor, Ines.

Ines had explained to Frankie that because she was a Divemaster in training that the maximum depth for the Deep Diver Scenario was 40 metres and that it would credit towards the PADI Deep Diver Specialty if she wished to continue with her education.

Frankie explains this to Ollie, asking if they can schedule the boat to go to a dive site where 40 metres is possible. Ollie says that Frankie should keep the scenario above 30 metres as he doesn’t believe it will meet PADI standards if she takes the DMC’s below the 30 metre mark.

Who is correct, Frankie or Ollie?

Take a moment to gather your resources and think like an Instructor. Once you feel you’ve got an answer search below for Gaz’s views on this scenario.

‘There are many similarities with the Deep Dive Scenario from the PADI Divemaster course and Dive 2 of the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course and given that a maximum depth is not currently listed in the PADI Instructor Manual so you could forgive Frankie for thinking she’s correct, especially when you add in the word of a trusted mentor, Ina.

Unfortunately for her though, Ollie is on the right path and there are few factors that need to be taken into consideration with this scenario.

Firstly, nowhere does it state that Frankie, Oscar or Benny are Deep Specialty certified either recreationally or Instructor, which means the maximum depth for any dives; training or otherwise is 30 metres.

No maximum depth is listed in the PADI Instructor manual for the Divemaster program as it depends on the previous certification of the candidate – if they are Deep Diver Specialty certified, they will be able to conduct dives to a maximum depth of their training and experience unless otherwise stated in course standards.

Secondly, Even if Frankie was a PADI Deep Diver Specialty Instructor she would need to have the students complete the Continuing Education Administrative Document and have given them the Deep Diver materials prior to conducting the dive.

And lastly, although there are many similarities between the Deep Dive Scenario from the Divemaster course and Dive 2 of the Deep Specialty there is one notably absent performance requirement in the Divemaster – Describe and record the changes that occur to three pressure-sensitive items while at depth.

If all these things, paperwork, Specialty Instructor certification, PADI materials and all the performance requirements from Deep Dive 2 been met, could credit towards the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course have been given and the students have been allowed to dive to a depth between 30 and 40 metres.’

Gaz Lyden.