Assistant Instructor Sarah is conducting the PADI Seal Team with two sisters; Annie aged 8 and Lilly aged 10.

After completing the first five AquaMissions in a local pool both sisters say they would like to continue but want to stay together.

The sister’s mother, Val contacts Sarah’s manager saying that the girls would really like to try diving in the open water. Sarah’s manager asks Sarah if she would be willing to take the girls for some of the Master Seal Team AquaMissions from the beach just outside the dive centre.

Should Sarah take Annie and Lilly from the beach for their Master Seal Team AquaMissions?

‘The Master Seal Team AquaMissions must all be conducted in a pool. How to conduct them is found in PADI’s Guide To Teaching.

Sarah’s manager may not be aware of this but she can point it out to her as stated in the PADI Instructor Manual, Section Three of Seal Team.

There are options for the sisters to be able to dive in limited open water if they wish. They can either complete the PADI Bubblemaker experience together, Lilly may even begin her Open Water Diver Course.

Allowing the sisters to dive together in open water through the Bubblemaker and then complete the Master Seal Team program would be a great way to balance out customer satisfaction safety and the correct application of the standards’

Gaz Lyden.