PADI Instructor Colm has four PADI Open Water Diver students and during their confined water sessions one of them, Therese, has some difficulty with the No Mask Swim skill.

Colm askes his Divemaster, Amy, to look after the other three students at the surface so he can take Therese back under to do some remedial work with the mask.

Amy suggests that she can take Therese for the remedial work so Colm can carry on with the other students and after she has checked that Therese has mastered the No Mask Swim skill she will bring her over to join the class and carry on with the rest of the performance requirements.

Colm considers this option as it would keep the class running on schedule and trusts Amy to be able to check to see if Therese has mastered the skill.

Would they be acting within PADI Standards if they take this option?

"Although having the Divemaster assist in the remediation of a student diver is a great option and well within PADI standards, final skill mastery for the No Mask Swim must always be evaluated by the PADI Instructor."

Gaz Lyden.