Many people will say the inflation mechanism or that it looks cool but I'm afraid they're all mistaken.

When selecting a BCD you'll check out the sizing options for both your height and your weight. The BCD's primary function is to ensure buoyancy, especially positive buoyancy at the surface,  and then secure all of the equipment.

If the number one rule of SCUBA diving is to always breathe and never hold your breath. Rule number two is, always be positively buoyant at the surface!

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Back to basics with this question. Grab your eRDPml and choose Dive Planning from the Mode selection.

Multi-level - No. First Dive - Yes are your next two steps.

Key in the depth of 28m next and confirm. The No-Decompression Limit for that dive will be the next number that pops up on your screen. 

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The constants on PADI exams is always listed at the top of question sheet so there's no need to attempt to memorize them. 

This question is in freshwater so the pressure per metre is 0.097 ATM. It's also stating it's looking for the gauge pressure. This means it is zeroed at the surface and doesn't include the pressure exerted by the ambient air.

The sum becomes pretty straightforward once you have this information dialled in. it's depth (16) multiplied by pressure (0.097).

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You have noticed that in the modern text it's referred to as Gas Narcosis rather than Nitrogen Narcosis. 

All gases will become narcotic at some point when breathed under pressure and one of the symptoms can be displaying foolish behaviour amongst other things.

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This one is pretty straightforward if you know you to navigate the PADI Instructor Manual. As soon as you're asked to define something such as Deep Dives, Altitude or Mastery you should head to the Training Standards section.

This section is super easy to navigate too as it's in alphabetical order.

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