Remember that the constants for the PADI Dive Theory Exams are always found at the top of every exam sheet so don't be overly concerned about having to recall them.

Every metre is salt water exerts 0.1 AYM of pressure. Multiply that by 35 and you'll get 3.5, add the additional atmpos[here of pressure from the surface and you'll get 4.5 ATM

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The PADI Advanced Open Water program offers two certifications which are made up from the building blocks of Adventure Dives.

Students can effectively build their own bespoke continuing education experience giving the program a huge amount of flexibility.

Some Adventure Dives require the Instructor to be a PADI Specialty Instructor in that area such as Enriched Air Diver, Sidemount Dive and Self-Reliant to mention a few. Check your PADI Instructor Manual-Advanced Open Water Course-Section 3 for more details. 

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Depending on where you dive in the world, the conditions you are diving in and the discipline of diving you are engaging in, there will be a variety of connection types for the cylinder to the regulator.

When choosing a regulator to speak to your sales representative and your PADI pro to dic#sucss the options and these considerations before you purchase.

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Without a doubt, one of the most important fundamental signals in diving is the slashing motion to signal out of air during a dive. Teaching divers to recognised this and respond to it effectively are in the foundation of the PADI Open Water Diver Course and then reinforced during Rescue Exercise 4 of the PADI Rescue Dive Course.

To counteract the likelihood of this scenarios occurrence there are now performance requirements during fundamental training with students correctly estimating their gas usage, effective dive planning with agreed upon turn pressures and of course the pre-dive safety check.

These fundamentals must be the foundation of every successful dive regardless of your level of training and experience.

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Let's walk through this one together:

Turn on your eRDPml and select via the Mode button, Dive Planning

It will ask if this is a multiple level dive and the answer is no.

It will then ask if this is the first dive in your sequence. Answer yes.

It will then ask you to key in the depth - 28 metres - and then give you the maximum time, or No Decompression Limit, you may spend at that depth. 

This is your answer.

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