Our job as instructors is to take all the fragments of information the students receive and turn it into a cohesive experience for them and show them how their training and experience will transfer to future experiences and course.

For example – during the PADI Instructor Development Course presentations covering the instructional system, course details, marketing and risk mitigation are fragments of information spread across teaching materials such as the PADI Instructor Manual, Teaching Slates, Guide To Teaching, Course Director Manual and the IDC Slide Deck.

My job as the PADI Course Director is to find the connections between the pieces of information and turn them into cohesive knowledge and guide the candidates along the same path. Mastery for us is in some way our ability to join those dots and create cohesion through all aspects of the program and not just connections between Knowledge Development, Confined and Open Water training sessions.

The more readily the candidates can build the pathway from information to knowledge, the better prepared we are to move along with our process to wisdom. This is where we can use real-life scenarios or anecdotes to test our knowledge against real-life situations they either have or may occur.

This also allows us to move into less tangible aspects of being an instructor such as empathy and intuition and we can use them to better convey knowledge and skills along with providing better customer experience using our three S method – Standards-Safety-Satisfaction.

Having a balance between these factors during training experiences will help with better risk mitigation and decision making for newly certified professional and experienced dive pro’s alike.

Gaz Lyden.