One of the key attributes to building better dive pro’s is discovering their existing talents and traits and how they are transferable into this new field.

There are no negatives here; if they’re young and have a fresh outlook they are probably in line with emerging technologies. If they spent 20 years in the delivery service they will have a strong sense for the logical instincts.

Within a group of candidates, individuals will have strengths when it comes to the role of being a dive professional based on these transferable skills from their own life experience. This can also allow them to become a quasi-mentor in the development of their fellow candidates and other dive pro’s needing insight and guidance they can offer.

Take the time to invest in discovering candidates pasts; the roles they have fulfilled, the skills required to do them, their intrinsic strengths as individuals and the values that have led them to this point in their lives.

Play to their strengths and work on their weaknesses and you'll be building better dive pro's in no time. 

Gaz Lyden.