It’s great to look back at our previous dive training and fondly remember all of the great instructors that made up those collective experiences.
But no matter how fond those memories are, could any of our dive training or customer experience have been better?

If so, how could it have been improved?

I asked an IDC candidate this question and their response didn’t necessarily convince me. She had thoroughly enjoyed their OWD experience which then led her on to the path to be sitting in a classroom with others beginning their own instructor development experience.

When I asked about her OWD she said it was ‘perfectly fine’, unconvinced I felt it was worth digging a little deeper into critical aspects such as buoyancy and dive planning and then we hit gold.

‘Well, it could have been a little better’; ‘did you tell your instructor that you felt you needed more work on it?’ ‘Not really, if he said I was good enough I assumed that was what was required’

There are a few areas that could be addressed for improvement from this tale. Primarily was there a defined line of communication from the instructor for the student within their micro-relationship to say that even though the instructor felt mastery had been met the student felt that extra practice in certain areas may be required? We have the demonstration slate now for just this purpose but it must be explained by the person conducting the program, the onus is on them not the student in this instance.

I posed this question and wasn’t at all surprised by the response. No.

Every educational experience, even the ones we remember fondly because of the fun we had, the things we saw and the people we met are open to review. Was there anything you would have done differently given the knowledge you have now?

Things change over time, standards, legal requirements and even teaching methodologies but one thing that shouldn’t is our striving to continuously improve the programs we offer.

By setting ourselves the goal of being better than the instructors that came before us, no matter how amazing they were, we will be able to move the world of diving forward and achieve excellence in the roles that we fulfil.

Gaz Lyden.