Small groups. Big focus.

Choosing somewhere to complete your dive professional training can be a daunting and confusing task; will you get work afterwards, will your training be sufficient in an ever-changing and demanding world, will the connections you make be the right ones to progress in your career?

Choose a Course Director and a professional development team who will support you as you advance through your three horizons of training progression – the IDC, the IE and your successful career in the diving industry, helping you develop and grow long after the award ceremony has finished.

“Don’t choose a location to complete your training, choose a support structure” 
Gaz Lyden.

With hundreds of professional certifications spanning over a decade of training professional divers and building life altering careers, PADI Course Director Gaz Lyden still offers support to many of his former candidates: from professional development to business support and personal goal setting amongst many other aspects.

Offering a wide variety of recreational and professional PADI scuba diving, freediving, technical diving and first aid courses working exclusively with one of the highest customer-rated dive centres in Thailand, I-D.C is developing & adding courses continuously to complement our professional development programs.

With a solid philosophy of not just conducting dive courses but building better divers, our professional level training programs from PADI Divemaster to PADI Instructor Development Course Instructor, have produced high quality & highly respected professionals who have gone on to find employment in their dream jobs, all over the world.

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